Teeth Whitening Mt Eden

Well, you don’t have to be a millionaire or win the lottery to have a beautiful smile. Everybody can have white teeth with Teeth Whitening Mt Eden’s newest technology without having pain or side effects and with a small investment.

Dentist Mt Eden’s core offerings in their Best Teeth Bleaching services, is the technology that is advanced, painless and effective. It’s one of the best high-quality options compared to competing services. With few different strengths of bleaching agents, the system can be used by people with different levels of teeth sensitivity. Other teeth whitening services do not offer this wide range in strengths, thus causing damage and pain to the user. People with severely stained teeth and low sensitivity will find Dentist Mt Eden Teeth Whitening, the most useful since they can use the highest strength with no discomfort. Dentist Mt Eden’s whole approach is designed to increase the patient’s comfort during the tooth whitening process and is far superior to the traditional silicone mouth trays used by competing services.


Q. What is Teeth Bleaching and the difference between Bleaching and cleaning?

A. Bleaching is a process of stains removal from the teeth and restoration of the individual’s natural teeth color. The stains are located underneath the enamel and the removal is done by an application of a whitening agent contained Hydrogen Peroxide on the teeth. The combination of the whitening agent and a light in a specific frequency does the whitening quickly and effectively. Whitening does not involve any physical or invasive action. Cleaning, on the other hand is a physical scraping of the surface of the teeth and removal of plaque from the surface of the teeth. The reason behind cleaning is the health of teeth and gums while the purpose for whitening is purely beauty.

Q. Is Tooth Whitening harmful for the teeth? How often can it be done?

A. Tooth Whitening using Whitening agents based on Hydrogen Peroxide is totally safe and does not harm the teeth in general and the Enamel in particular. It has been proven in researches again and again. As anything else in life, it’s recommended to be done when really needed. It really depends on the eating, drinking and smoking habits which are responsible for the accumulation of stains. At “Dentist Mt Eden” we use special whitening formula that helps to reduce teeth sensetivity.

Q. What is Touch-Up service? Who should use it and when?

A. A Touch-Up usually refers to a short Whitening procedure and its main purpose is to maintain the color of the teeth by removing the stains which get accumulated on the teeth since the last full whitening procedure. It costs less and is usually done every few months. It isn’t meant to transform yellow teeth to white. If it is your first time doing teeth whitening, we would strongly recommend you to select either Full Service or VIP Service.

Q. What is the difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching?

A. Actually it’s the same thing. Whitening and Bleaching are both synonyms.

Q. Is dental whitening and cosmetic whitening identical?

A. Yes, both use the same procedure, whitening agents and the accelerating light.

Q. My friend visited his dentist and got customized trays and gel to apply at home. Is it the same as what you do?

A. Both methods are aimed to whiten the teeth. The usage of trays is an old method that was popular 10-15 years ago. The customers could achieve a satisfied level of whitening after wearing the trays every night for a period of weeks or months. It’s obvious that using that method was very inconvenient. Since then, tooth whitening has come a long way and the same results are achieved after 30 minutes or so using advanced systems and newer materials. Therefore doing trays whitening today is similar to buying a 1970 model car on 2016.

Q. Okay, so if a combination of special light and whitening agent is recommended, Is UV light also recommended?

A. No. UV light is a hot light and is used mostly for tanning. However it’s also used by ZOOM for heating. The UV system produces heat in the process and can burn the soft facial tissues and has also been suspected as causing cancer. The healthier alternative is the LED source of light, which produces a cold light at the same frequency but does not burn or cause any other health hazards.

Q. I saw many Whitening Kits in drugstores and on-line. Does it deliver the same results as in office Whitening?

A. Over the counter kits are relatively weak and their performance is based on a repeated use which may cause teeth sensitivity. However, users claim often that these kits do not really work. You can buy professional teeth whitening kits at “Dentist Mt Eden”. Our kits include exact the same teeth whitener that we use for in-office procedure.

Q. How long does In-Office service take?

A. It usually takes about one hour, depends on factors as starting shade, natural color, medication used in the past and many others.

Q. How much whiter will my teeth become?

A. The final color of the teeth varies from one to another and hard to predict. It depends on many factors as the starting shade, natural color, medication taken, age and more. A customer can expect gaining 2-8 shades on average.

Q. Are the results guarantied?

A. The results cannot be predicted and therefore are not fully guaranteed. Dentist Mt Eden is so confident in its procedure’s high effectivity that it is the only whitening provider on the market that actually guarantees an improvement of at least 2 shades.

Q. How long does the result last for?

A. It’s usually lasts for up to 2 years but really depends on the maintenance and the food we consume. An individual who drinks or eats a lot of colored food will stain his teeth faster. On the other hand, if he/she uses home maintenance product such as Magic Pen and Magic kits, the results will last much longer.

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