Dental Implants Mt Eden

Many of Dentist Mt Eden’s patients ask how expensive dental implants are. Costs Of Dental Implant can vary significantly depending on the dentist and surgeon, and the type of dental implant work that is required.

Cost of Dental Implant

Patients in general have two options for a missing tooth:

Dental Implant – a titanium root replacement with tooth crown connected to the implant by an abutment
Dental Bridge – a fixed (non-removable) replacement tooth (or teeth crowns) supported by adjacent teeth crowns

The implant is placed in the patient’s jaw by a dental surgeon at Dentist Mt Eden

You no Longer Have to Sacrifice Cost vs. Quality

For many the choice between a dental bridge or implant comes down to cost, in spite of the fact that a dental implant is the most effective, strongest, and longest lasting solution available. The cost for replacing a missing tooth is typically much higher with the dental implant option. The majority of implant cases involve replacing a single missing posterior (back) tooth.

Fees vary, so without knowing your situation, Dentist Mt Eden can’t really give you an estimate.

Fees are varied by, implant, custom abutment, and porcelain fused to metal crown, extraction, bone graft, or icat, if needed. Bridge fees don’t usually include fees for extraction, bone graft, build-ups, or root canals if needed.

Note: Where multiple teeth are missing, an implant is not always required for each missing tooth, so the implant fees per tooth often go down as more teeth are replaced. Factors like uncontrolled diabetes, heavy smoking, alcohol addiction, extreme clenching, lack of adequate bone height or density, and other factors may make implants not a viable treatment option for some people.

Bridges have been used with very good performance for years to replace missing teeth. Bridges have been called the “Gold Standard”. But while not destroying them teeth, the teeth on each side of the missing tooth or teeth are trimmed down to accept the support crowns that hold the replacement crown in place.

With dental implants, the adjacent teeth don’t have to be trimmed. Implants are usually stronger and usually last longer than bridges and are easier.

With costs being practically equal, a dental implant is the “platinum standard” and by far the most effective, longest lasting, and strongest option available to Dentist Mt Eden patients that want teeth that look and feel as real teeth do.

Why do I need to replace missing tooth?

A missing tooth must be replaced to prevent the teeth on either side from tipping over toward the missing tooth space, which can cause decay, gum disease, and bite problems. A replacement tooth, also, prevents the tooth above or below the missing tooth from moving into the space of the missing tooth, weakening the opposing tooth and causing the same problems listed above for the adjacent teeth.

When a tooth is present, the bone around the root stays in place. But, as soon as a tooth is missing, the bone in the area where it was begins to deteriorate and resorb away. If much time elapses, there may be so little bone left in the area that replacement may become difficult or impossible later.

Why A Dental Implant vs. a Bridge?

When a missing tooth is replaced by a bridge, the bone loss is slowed down. When a missing tooth is replaced by an implant, the bone loss is almost completely stopped. In general, implants offer the following benefits over bridges:

Benefits of Implants vs. Bridges:

Longer lasting
No tooth decay
Stops further bone loss
Easier to clean and floss
Looks more natural than a bridge

Why Waiting Is A Bad Idea!

Waiting to deal with a missing tooth could limit your options and make the situation worse. If too much time has elapsed there may not be enough bone left to place an implant, and your only option is most likely a bridge.

While the average costs of dental implants can vary significantly, Dentist Mt Eden offers one of the most flexible options.

They also have economical fees for multiple dental implants and other more complex implant solutions, like a complete set of fixed implant-supported teeth and Implant Supported Snap-On-Dentures.

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